LAMIR Institute – Laboratory of Mineral and Rock Analysis Institute – from the Department of Geology of UFPR is a high-tech laboratory prepared to promote teaching, research and extension. It is organized in order to provide and foster the interaction between LAMIR/UFPR, the productive system and the different teaching and research institutions.


LAMIR Institute

Who we are

LAMIR is a Research Institute linked to the Earth Sciences Sector, Federal University of Paraná, based at the Polytechnic Center – UFPR, Curitiba – PR. Its activities began in the mid-1990s, as a Laboratory for Analysis of Minerals and Rocks, linked to the Department of Geology. After a continuous expansion of its research activities in Geosciences and related areas, accompanied by technological development, in 2019 LAMIR had its institutional link redefined as a Research Institute, maintaining the acronym in its name, preserving its history and identity.


Instituto LAMIR has a physical and administrative structure, its own technical staff, with the participation of professors and technicians from other departments and sectors of UFPR. Teachers, researchers, administrative and laboratory technicians, graduate students and undergraduate students are members of the LAMIR Institute

The execution of the actions of the LAMIR Institute provides for a partnership with a private non-profit institution (third sector), committed to the realization of collective interests, with the purpose of supporting educational, research, extension, scientific and technological development projects, with incentive to innovation.

LAMIR develops and integrates different analytical techniques in the field of geochemistry, acting as an interdisciplinary Institute focused on the development of research projects, with the application of the knowledge generated to society.


The LAMIR Institute’s mission is to support activities developed in UFPR’s undergraduate and graduate programs, offering a high-tech analytical park and a technical group of excellence for the academic community.

Principles of the LAMIR Institute

I. Promotion and valorization of geosciences in the academic community and in the broad sphere of society;

II. Search for excellence in laboratory procedures, with investments in infrastructure, training and improvement of the technical staff;

III. Continuous development of the environment and safety at work;

IV. Formation of human resources and valorization of UFPR’s performance in society.


The LAMIR Institute has the main purpose of contributing to teaching, scientific and technological research activities, services to public and private institutions and bodies, in the areas of exploratory and environmental geology.

The specific objectives of the LAMIR Institute are:

  • Constitution of a center of excellence in analysis of minerals and rocks, with emphasis on the study of carbonate systems;
  • Conducting research and development projects, scientific and technological innovation in the areas of exploratory geology, energy resources and the environment;
  • Development and promotion of interdisciplinary projects in graduate programs in different sectors of UFPR;
  • Performance in the area of forensic sciences, offering an analytical center capable of carrying out geochemical analyzes in transdisciplinary projects;
  • Incentive and promotion of Scientific Initiation, Master and Doctorate projects within the scope of UFPR;
  • Provision of services in case studies and projects of free demand from society, promoting the interaction of UFPR with companies, public agencies and different teaching and research institutions.

Stay inside the latest LAMIR Institute news and events

Instituto LAMIR, participates in an innovative action together with the National Laboratory of Forensic Isotopes (LANIF).

In the first expert case involving the use of isotopes within the scope of the Federal Police, in 2016, in a fraud investigation, the partnership between the Federal Police and the Laboratorio de Analyzes Minerales e Rochas (Instituto LAMIR) under the coordination of the Professor Anelize Bahniuk, resulted in a result proving that the fraud and theft of materials occurred outside Brazil. (see details on page 34,

.Now with the support of several research centers, the creation of a database of samples and standards, similar to that of the National Bank of Genetic Profiles, is being set as a goal by the National Laboratory of Forensic Isotopes (LANIF)

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The LAMIR Institute pays tribute to Professor Paul Edwin Potter.

Professor Paul Edwin Potter, was born in Springfield, Ohio on August 30, 1925, died on July 4, 2020, at the age of 94. During his life he published many articles and co-authored several books such as Sand and Sandstones with Raymond Siever and Francis Pettitjohn; Mud and Mudstones, with Barry Maynard and Pedro Depetris. In 2016, Prof. Potter was honored by the AAPG with the Sidney Powers Medal, the highest award of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Paul Edwin Potter was a true gentleman and one of the lovers that geology lost. More details in

The LAMIR Institute pays homage to Dr Koji Kawashita.

Prof. Koji had an outstanding participation in the beginning of geochronology in Brazil, at the Center for Geochronological Research at USP, expanding his knowledge in the creation of new geochronology laboratories at UFPA, UFRN, UFRGS and abroad (Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Portugal). Your dedication to geochronology will always be an incentive for us to continue our research.

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, on March 20, 2020, UFPR published Ordinance No. 695, which “regulates work routines and administrative procedures within the scope of the Federal University of Paraná”, determining the mandatory adoption of the work regime remote for all servers, administrative technicians, teachers and interns, in all units of UFPR.
We inform that the LAMIR Institute has since suspended the laboratory analysis calendar, maintaining only the essential activities for the maintenance and preservation of routines, ensuring the quality of our analytical environment. We have our routine team partially demobilized and, consequently, the results of the ongoing analyzes will have their delivery deadlines extended.
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Research projects developed by LAMIR in partnership with companies and academic environment. See information about the projects, including their products and achievements.

See information on the services provided by LAMIR in an open way to society. You might have access to detailed information about each area of analysis and the value practiced.